Work For Us

Do Together

There is a lot we can accomplish when we collaborate and work together

Grow Together

Learning is perpetual and is key to our growth

Dream Together

Challenges and hardships do not matter when we determine to pursue our dreams

Why work for us :

Our differentiators are vital components that not only make way for a better workplace but also foster high levels of job satisfaction and productivity.

You live your passion, we equip you with necessary tools and skills.

Life @ Colruyt
01.Work life balance

With the advent of advanced technologies that enables us to be available round the clock, work life balance appears an impossible feat to achieve. However, at Colruyt Group, we lay great emphasis on maintaining a good work life balance as it is important for the well-being of an individual at personal and professional level.

02.Values driven

We ‘walk the talk’ when it comes to demonstrating values.

03.Open Communication

Open communication is fundamental to the seamless functioning of our global collaboration. Our culture and values encourage to speak our mind.

04.Focus on Individual Development

The Group’s belief that ‘a Company grows to the extent its people grow’ stimulates the idea of holistic development of a coworker i.e. provide the means to improve skills and competence along with opportunities towards individual development.

05.Coworker Connects

Approachability of the leadership team is regarded unanimously as one of the key element that contributes positively to our work environment. Initiatives such as open doors, town halls, connect programs, Personal Talks (PTs), Coffee with HR etc. have proved to be effective mediums to encourage open communication.

There is considerable focus to maintain an equilibrium of communication channels meant for information sharing by the leadership and those that enable us to be a listening organization.