Corporate Social Responsibility

As an organization, we are committed towards community development and improvement of the quality of life in the society we live in. Colruyt Group lays great emphasis on sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship and is driven by three important principles:

  • People Empowerment,
  • Environment Sustainability and
  • Product Consciousness.

The Corporate Social Responsibility team of India, which is known as Colruyt India Social Responsibility (CISR), operates with the support of enthusiastic volunteers who play an active role in all the sustainability initiatives organized towards fulfilling our organizational commitment.

We have collaborated with various charitable organizations dedicated to provide education and upliftment of children deprived of fundamental opportunities or people who are differently abled. We work together with Ashray Akruti – an NGO that works for the hearing-impaired children, Nayi Disha Foundation – a support group to help people with intellectual and developmental disability.

Few years ago, we launched the National Digital Literacy Mission center in partnership with NASSCOM Foundation to provide digital literacy to more than 2000 students. This is an ongoing project and year on year, we engage with our Partners to provide means to support these students in their journey of digital education and empowerment. Apart from the larger projects, we also organize blood donation drives, plantation drives, excursions with children from orphanages and many more as a part of our annual CISR calendar. 

Year on year, we have been able to undertake a variety of projects on social causes with the support and active involvement of our co-workers who share a deep sense of purpose through these initiatives and time and again have volunteered for different programs. As an organization, this motivates us to explore and invest in more such projects that sync well with our philosophy of community development. 

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