Life at Colruyt

Adding value, together! 

An environment where people feel valued, empowered and secured propels them to give their best every day. 

Everyone, regardless of who they are or what job they do, has a role to play in the growth of the organization. No matter how diverse our contribution, role or hierarchic position is, it does not alter our intrinsic equivalence as human beings. We create ‘added value’ together because we complement each other in knowledge, capability and intention.  

A place that inspires you to grow!

We believe an organization grows to the extent people grow. 

Continued learning and development is important to us. Because when you make progress, both professionally and personally, everyone gets better. Together, the framework of learning and development revolutionizes the atmosphere at Colruyt Group and raises the stakes for an inside-out growth on both personal and professional front.

We want to be a consciously development-oriented company and strive for equal access to learning and development. 

A place that let's you be!

As diverse are people so are their needs and aspirations. Every individual brings with him/her a set of skills and capabilities that make meaningful difference to our organization. When we keep an open mind and are receptive to their needs, we can successfully leverage their strengths and channelize their energy purposefully. 

We respect personal time because we know that a good work-life balance is synonymous with the productivity and overall well-being of our coworkers. 


Shubham Jena.png

"I had expectations around learning opportunities and a good work life balance at work, and I am fortunate that they were fulfilled when I joined Colruyt."

Shubham Jena
Software Engineer

Sarvesh Brahma.png

"The frequent connects with managers and senior leadership instills a sense of belonging and care. The culture here is a differentiator from other organizations."

Sarvesh Brahma
Business Consultant

What people like here!

  • Work-Life Balance
  • Hybrid working model
  • Career progression
  • Holistic learning programs
  • Engagement activities
  • Well-being initiatives
  • Drive for Sustainability 
  • Social projects

Our Awards

Great Place to Work

2022 - 2023

TechGig Code Gladiator






Candid moments!

Creating a workplace by doing the right things

Engagement stems and further deepens when we continually focus on the drivers that contribute positively to the workplace.  Our culture promotes collaboration, personal growth, recognition, empowerment, and job satisfaction that make Colruyt Group a workplace to look forward to.