Data Analysis & BI

Data Science and Engineering - Colruyt group believes in the power of data and would like to use data and information to bring maximum added value to both our customers and our employees. Data scientists play a crucial role in analyzing vast amounts of data to uncover valuable insights that drive business decisions. We utilize advanced statistical and machine learning techniques to build models to solve business problems and create opportunities for growth. Some of the areas where Data Science is leveraged include sales forecasting, supply chain, customer experiences.     

Business Insights - Business Intelligence Engineers orchestrate ETL/ELT processes to consolidate and transform data from various operational sources into the data warehouse. Using this centralized data repository, they create reports with historical analysis and predictive recommendations to business. For instance, a Business Intelligence Engineer might analyze sales data from different store locations over time to identify trends and forecast future demand, aiding in inventory management decisions.

Data management - Data Management teams are responsible for Setting up and Operating Colruyt Group's mission critical Data Integration and Database Management Platforms  to ensure seamless business operations.  Our technology roadmaps enable us to keep our platforms up to date. Our Data Management team ensures high availability, optimal performance, recoverability and security of the database management platforms.

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