What We Do

At Colruyt Group we operate as a Service Oriented Organization (SOO). The published service catalogue that this model brings with it provides clarity on who is responsible for what, what is expected from each team, how it is delivered by one team to the other. SOO model enables frictionless way of working between multiple teams with inherent complexities.

SOO way of working is practiced in all dimensions of what we do right from consulting, engineering, operations and endeavors of innovation.


Expectations from customers are changing in a very rapid pace. We work very closely with our partners to bring the agility into the IT systems to meet the demands. Colruyt India does innovative consulting work in all the major technology areas. We do consulting in industrialized technologies as well as ahead of the curve technologies that are ending hype cycle and getting ready for disruption.


Technical Architecture teams leverage emerging technology platforms to create solutions that are on the leading edge of value chain. We work on next level systems that are services driven ranging from classic SOA to modern Micro Services architectures. We embrace cloud native design practices to develop highly scalable applications that run on sophisticated containers backed by robust orchestration platforms.

02.Mobile Solutions

Mobility team is developing high quality mobile apps in cutting-edge technologies for ongoing innovation and business critical applications. We deliver next generation enterprise mobile apps that are highly complex, integrated deeply with the organization’s critical systems. Our expert team has deep talent in hybrid as well as native mobile applications on all popular platforms. 

We embrace compute anywhere in our value chain where our co-workers in shops, distribution centers and other external locations use enterprise mobile applications on variety of devices such as smart phones, PDAs and PDTs. These applications help us to see near real-time business operations in action as well as visible supply chain to take decision quickly. 

03.Technology Roadmaps

Every technology ecosystem has a dedicated team that works on core engineering of the ecosystem and constantly modernizes with the changing trends. Technology ecosystem teams define the technology architecture, prepare technology roadmaps aligning with businesses, introduce new technologies, frameworks & tools, and provide necessary governance around them.

Build & Engineer

Software Engineering is at our core, we apply engineering best practices across the board, right from the bare metal to user experience. Engineering is a discipline in day-to-day solutions that we bring in, we strive to bring excellence in every instance and raise the bar relentlessly.

Every single application that we develop is implemented on top of a robust platform. All the platforms are engineered with industry best practices to suit our business needs. Application development platforms are crafted to meet robust reliability requirements yet very agile to changes.

01.Digital Delivery

Global delivery teams are comprised of world-class technical experts offering digital solutions focusing on best customer experience and operational performance. Emphasis is on continuous improvement and opportunities are provided to the team members in the form of coaching, cross-training to hone their skills. We have successfully delivered custom developed applications with varieties of methodologies like Agile, Iterative etc., using open source technologies including Java, Angular, and open source frameworks with CI/CD tools.

02.Enterprise Integration

The world-class integration experts design scalable and adaptable mission critical enterprise integration solutions, providing high degree of integration across heterogeneous environments spanning the entire landscape. The individual and holistic solutions of Application Integration, Data integration and B2B integrations are developed on technology platforms like IBM Websphere, Software AG Webmethods, Informatica etc., using services driven architectures.

03.Business Insights

Retailers deal with challenges like shopping behavior, assortment, competition etc., and there is an imperative need to respond swiftly. This requires a shift in the way we operate. Data is a company’s most powerful asset and we use cutting edge technologies to convert this data into meaningful information through BI reporting, personalized and localized insights and predictive analytics. Our Technology landscape-Informatica, SAP BO, and Data Science using Python, R & Tableau.

We help our partners in their journey from data driven actions to insights driven actions. We propose and build the solutions to maintain the historical data, participate actively in the provision of quality data and strive towards 100% SLA norm for business critical reports.

We have rich experience in Data Modeling, DI/ETL & Reporting solutions design, development and support. We leverage the best in the industry tool stack like SAP Power Designer, SAP Sybase IQ, SAP HANA, Oracle, DB2, IDAA and Informatica Power Center.

04.Project Management

We help our business units in project management to realize business projects. Programs are a result of strategic goals of business units, which may spawn multiple projects affecting the business portfolio. We have a very competent team of PMs that are PMP and PMBOK certified professionals. Our project management team is well versed with multiple delivery methodologies such as Iterative, Agile etc.

We deliver business projects and technology projects such as platform upgrades etc., in a global delivery model where teams are spread across India & Europe, and follow an execution methodology that is right fit for the context.


Sustenance is a core part of the information technology in any enterprise. We use information technology as a backbone to enable efficiency in business and pass on those benefits to our customers. We operate variety of in-house and external technology platforms, application systems and IT infrastructure from Colruyt India.

01.IT Infrastructure Operations

Today, relevance with technology evolution is no longer a choice for the business, rather a necessity to manage obsolescence. As a result, in the digital space our systems infrastructure not only is growing rapidly but the technologies used are being evolved more than ever before. We are working on the next generation AI driven support systems and mechanisms to meet the ever-growing demands of our digital enterprise.

A team of System Engineering professionals provide support services to the Colruyt Group enterprises across diverse technology areas like network solutions, e-workplace server/clients, active directory, database management, server platforms and IT security to name a few.

Our infrastructure landscape, across multiple operating systems like Linux, Windows or Mac., databases technologies like Oracle RAC, SQL Server, Sybase IQ, DB2, or MySQL and with more than half a million running batch jobs per day – apparently seems complicated. To encapsulate the complexity a specialized team of IT Infrastructure acts as an interface between the business and infrastructure teams to render a seamless interaction for the operational needs.

02.IT Platforms & Applications Operations

A team of professionals provide support services to the Colruyt Group enterprises across diverse technology areas like technology platforms, custom developed assets, business domains such as Financial Systems, Supply Chain, Pricing, Supplier Applications etc.

Every year we upgrade our platforms and underlying software in an initiative called Service Continuity and Improvement. We work in a global collaboration environment between Europe and India. We are committed to ensure our system infrastructure remains reliable, flexible and scalable enough to unlock the potential of our business to leverage the strength of technology in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.


Our QA Team Mission Statement is “To construct & promote skills, attitude and knowledge in an efficient way for, performing Structured Testing of software components in order to achieve "Optimum Quality" @ "Optimum Cost“

We develop future ready applications with QEE – Qualitative, Efficient and Effective as an underlying principle. Leveraging Industry best practices and right sourcing models, we deliver end–to-end solutions that are fit for purpose.

We offer a variety of quality assurance services & solutions to our Business Partners, where we deal with Functional testing, Web Services testing, Test Automation, Performance testing & Mobile testing.

For a seamless Test delivery, we leverage the industry best tooling for Testing, which include HP UFT, HP ALM, Selenium, SOAP UI Pro, JIRA, Hiptest to name a few.


Innovation is part of our DNA, we constantly look for opportunities to bring innovation to improve efficiency and effectiveness in what we do. Continuously innovating, simplifying things and thus bringing efficiency is a core part of our value system.

Innovation in Colruyt is run with clear charter and goals. Every year there is a clear focus on the areas to be worked. Innovation charter is derived from grounds up through inspiration sessions done with the business teams, themes are picked from these sessions and roadmaps are derived. Every innovation initiative is run in a projectised manner to not to lose the momentum and deliver the maximum impact.

Innovation teams have dedicated labs to play with the technologies and solutions. Solutions are showcased to business teams to inspire them, fine-tuned solutions will be made available for use by customers and employees.