Learning Opportunities

Learning Opportunities


Our aspiration is to be a high performing and learning organisation with good work-life balance.

To realise our aspiration, we derive inspiration from the Colruyt Group belief “Company grows to the extent people grow”, not the other way round.

We start with a positive view on mankind. We elaborate the “positive view” on mankind with following statements.

People make the difference.

People are motivated by nature to work well.

A human is a whole (head, heart and stomach) and represents more than knowledge and skills.

People have the ability to develop their own potential (knowledge, skills, personality)

People have the ability to take charge of their own learning processes

As a natural consequence of above, Colruyt also believes in providing employees learning opportunities in the area of personal growth. Personal growth trainings offer employees the opportunity to discover different facets of their personality. The goal is to deepen our knowledge of ourselves and learn how we work and function. The belief is that, probing the intuitive and less self-conscious layers within us, results in more energy, satisfaction and autonomy.

We relate the development of an individual to growth of plant and depict it as L&D logo.


Learning Opportunities

We use the cliché “Apply by learning and learn by applying”. We conduct hackathons, internal coding challenges, pilots, sandboxing etc. so that employees can learn by applying.

“Tech-chat” sessions: Regular tech chat sessions are organised where employees share new technology trends etc. with interested colleagues.

“Teach to Learn” sessions: A forum where monthly any employee can voluntarily choose to share a topic of own interest with others.

Decentralisation of trainings: Several employees take mandatory technical and non-technical trainings. These employees not only learn better, but also act as learning ambassadors across the organisation for these trainings. We support these trainers to improve their training skills with “Train the trainer” program.

Behavioral trainings for extended family: We believe that the family has a critical role in employee performance and growth, so we have started conducting behavioural trainings for extended family of employees.

Learning from nature is an outdoor program open for all employees. This program focuses on values in actions and gets a better understanding on deeper self by being in nature for few days.