Fun at Work

Fun At Work


“A team that plays together stays together” – we belive in togetherness,team work and it is practiced by Colruyt India.

Employee fun and recreational activities happen through various employee engagement programs and forums in Colruyt India.The forums allow employees to meet, play and have fun together on a regular basis and serve as a break from the daily work and routine life.

Cultural activities organised for employees not only fills with fun and positive energy the programs are also a great opportunity for employees to showcase their talents.

Some of our activities include and depicts diverse culture, solidarity, togetherness where our colruytians celebrate success, take pride to be a Colruytian, recognize colleagues, last but not the least thank their family, organization and the society.

Sports Committee

Colruyt India Sports Committee "Khelruyt" actively engages employees with different events throughout the year on a periodic basis. Employees spend their leisure time in office playing indoor games like Table Tennis, Carom and Chess. Among outdoor games, “Colruyt Premier League” Cricket Tournament is one of the crowd pullers.

Badminton and Table Tennis Tournaments are organised half yearly where winners are awarded with trophies and certificates. Employees also participate in external Soccer, Lawn Tennis, Marathon, Cycling and Squash games.

Colruyt India also participates in intercompany tournaments, Rose Petal Corporate Sports Olympics and other renowned sports events and has been awarded with rewards.